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Waterproofing Singapore

Waterproofing homes or businesses is needed at one time or another. In tropical countries like Singapore with frequent heavy downpours, waterproofing job assignments are plentiful as water leakage and damage to the home and business premises is a common problem. Every year, homeowners discover that their aging home is experiencing some form of water damage. One simple precaution to protect your home and valuable items is to perform proper waterproofing. We provide professional waterproofing services in Singapore. Our waterproofing services deals with concrete roof leakages, tile roof leakeages, toilet floor leakages, brick wall leakages, and metal roof leakages. We also undertake related work such as roofing repairs, roof washing and re-coating work, wall installation and dismantling work.

Waterproofing Tip:
If the house doesn't have sufficient slope to allow water to drain off the roof in a rain event, you may have to apply tar or a synthetic waterproofing membrane directly to the concrete, or use a seamless rubber roofing system. These products are more suitable for professional contractors to use.

For most waterproofing treatment jobs, you need professional help for a lasting solution. Without professional waterproofing measures, a variety of problems may ensue, such as leaks, foundation issues, health issues related to mould, and ruined furniture, carpet, home appliances, etc. You can sense a waterproofing problem when there is a musty odour arising from a damp basement or attic. Our waterproofing specialists in Singapore can prevent damage to assets and properties with waterproofing materials and measures. We use proven and trusted waterproofing materials and waterproofing sealants in all jobs. Whether it's exterior waterproofing or foundation waterproofing, we can fix your problem.

Our typical service include a survey and inspection of the problem area. These can include visual inspections, investigation and discovery of leaks, measurements in moisture and extent of job requirements, and pricing. After the job is completed, we conduct follow-up inspections. This will ensure that you avoid future damages and save you costs as well. We are the reliable waterproofing services company in Singapore.

DIY Waterproofing

There are occasions when home owners deem the expense of hiring a waterproofing consultant is too steep, they would venture to perform the waterproofing project by themselves. Unfortunately, some people have found out that their own mistakes are more costly than hiring a consultant from the very beginning. We are a professional waterproofing company with the experience and skills, and equipment to diagnose and treat your home problems. We assure you of cost effective solutions and high quality results.

A Waterproofing Tip:

People that live in a residence with a damp basement or attic are generally susceptible to wellness issues. This is caused chiefly by the presence of black mold, which develops in a wet basement or attic as time passes. Breathing problems, including asthma, are usually reported by such people. Respiratory difficulties may possibly be accompanied by an onset of allergy symptoms, which appear to be steady throughout the year rather than seasonal.


Professional Waterproofing Services Singapore

Waterproofing companies in Singapore provide the lasting solution and their services range from basement waterproofing, building waterproofing to structural waterproofing. Our professional waterproofing technicians are proud of their outstanding record of customer satisfaction in Singapore.

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